Offices need more barkers.
So, take a paws and browse some dawgs!

Adopt a dog

Why are companies looking for people only? We are inviting you to put an end to discrimination by hiring dogs and upgrading your offices to wooffices. Tail wag brings swag!

9 reasons to make your office bark:

It’s scientifically proven that office dogs reduce stress by 11%.
The average office dog salary in Estonia is 20 kg of kibbles.
Love is a four legged word.
Dogs increase productivity and the number of your balls.
Dogs will inspire you to stop and sniff the flowers.
Dogs guard your heart and protect it from diseases.
You’ll get a lot more bites out of your computer if you cross it with a pit bull.
Trouble with time management? Get a watch dog!
Dog backwards is god.

Dogs looking for a wooffice

This week's most eager job seekers:

male, 6 y/o
“I am an experienced guard but trained as a Human Stress Manager. I’d be a big, warm and fuzzy barker for your wooffice.”
male, 6+ y/o
“I’m a born Growl Manager. Most companies are inefficient to the bone. I can pick it up and make it bark! Don’t worry I’m actually friendly too.”
female, 10+ y/o
“Retire? No way! My senses are so sharp I could still be your number one qualicky controller. Oh, I’m picky! But that’s exactly what you need.”
male, 1 y/o
“I used to work as a Hounditor but didn’t really feel like it. Now I’m looking for something more in the direction of a Bellyscratch Collector!”
male, 6+ y/o
“I’m an experienced Chewf Finance Officer. Used to be an Investment Barker before. I’m a good investment, I’ll return it all!”
male, <1 y/o
“I run, I run a lot, I could run your office! Need energy? I got it! Do things fast? Done! Even when times are ruff, I won’t let you down.”


What do actual wooffice dogs think about working for their companies?

How many squirrel meters of space do dawgs need? How does flea market economy inspire dawgs to bark? Here’s all you need to know about the good boys and their wooffices.
Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus
Canine Executive Officer
“Heroes don’t always stand on two legs. Most of them are on four legs and with a wiggling tail... like us! My pack in here is top-notch. You can see from our resumes, that we are all really good boys. We work hawrd around here, catching balls and barking. One day my co-pawster almost caught his tail. And yes, we work pro bone-o.”
Hugo Lõvisüda
Head of Tails
“Maaan, I’ve got balls, I’ve got loads of balls. I sniff out the best business opportunities and act quickly. That’s why I’m the top dog here. The Head of Tails to be specific. I’d definitely love to see more dogs in our wooffice. We need more barkers!”
Lady Tikker
“I love our office. I’m, the Ballkeeper since I’ve got the best gnaw-how when it comes to numbers. It’s actually quite simple if you get the fang of it. I’ve also got expertice in cuddloguing data. From my colleagues I appreciate Hugo the most because he’s got balls.”
Puperations Manager
“IDEA is sooo cute, I mean, it’s not a place where people step over or on you, ever! We’re a collaborative pack, more of a family really. Exactly, what I intended to create here. At the end of a ruff day, it’s good to know that these guys have got your back. You can pet on them!
Smell Officer
“Our office looks good, sounds good and smells good. Love it here! We really need a Sniff Assistant, though. Otherwise I think it’s quite perfect. Our Branch Manager is really strong. But I’d like to bring more sticks to our office instead of sticky notes, they’re just too tacky to my taste.”
Raadio 2
Chewf Engineer
“There’s loads of technical stuff to do on radio. Send signal from anadog to dogital, from dogital to anadog… To some it seems dry bark, for me it’s qualicky time. I wake up, have my pugkin spice latte and start barking on my own and help others do their jobs better. It’s a bliss!”
Raadio 2
Dog Jockey
“What does a scientist’s dog do with bones? Barium! Haa! Get it? I’m the top dog here when it comes to content. Sure, humans do a pretty good job but no human beats a good boy. Another one: what’s more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee! Ok, put me on air cause I’m on fire!”
Raadio 2
Kennelar Manager
“I love barking on radio, but I love everything else about it as well, so I took things into my own paws. I still remember times when there were people collieng us all day asking for their favourite songs but now it’s all dogital with new obstacles on our course. New things every day keep me going!”
FC Flora
Assistant Footpawl Coach
“Lick-off, pass, pass, pass, boom! Dingo in? No matter, try again! Footpawl is so exciting! One day I want to coach my pups so well that one of them will win the Ballon d’Og. We’ve got a few ball terriers here with a load of potential. But my all time favourite player is the great Dane – Schmeichel.”
Dogital Innovator
“IT is changing so fast, you got to run, run, run to keep up with the pace. I’m an ace when it comes to that! My background is actually in badvertising but since I’m such a good boy, I moved to dogital innovation. It’s been a long and great run with Adcash and we’re still going strong!”
Human Stress Manager
“It’s nice around here. I thought it wasn’t pawssible to have such a calm barking environment. Turns out – it is. I like simplicity as well. So do my human pals. Horses can stress them out. They’re beautiful though and paaaawsh! I love them anyway.”
Horse Stress Manager
“Horsie-horsie-horsie, come here little horsie! Look, you have to know how horses bark to actually communicate with them. I’ve got the best words. You don’t want them to get a woof infection, do you? Then use the right words and take care of your horsies!”
Chewf Dogversity Officer
“I’m a bitch. You can’t be a big boss and build dogversity around here if you’re not one. The males admire me. I only respect the ones with balls. Balls make one a real catch. Anyways, I never tail and it’s all good with dogversity here, albeit the times are ruff, ruff, ruff!”
Furdresser & Make-up Artist
“You can’t let one in front of the camera looking like a dog. I’m a real watchdog here, nothing goes unnoticed, not a single hare. That’s why I’m actually a setter, a trendsetter! I really love barking here. The environment is just perfect for a foxy chap like me. Woofiedoo!”
Holland the Dog
Investment Barker
“I started my job in 2016 – this means I have 14 years of experience. My advice is to invest more in tennis balls, they have a high rate of return. I mean, they’d probably be your best asset in terms of capital growl right now. Don’t forget your Collar Options and Protective Pups though!”
Dogumentary Film Maker
“I used to be a fan of analogue but went dogital when i joined Babahh. They crew really knows the modern stuff here. Sometimes poopers still happen and it’s a load of fun. I usually try to use it all as I’m a fan of natural stuff, footage-wise. Love you guys!”
Kati ja Karu
Qualicky Controllers
“Uber is all about qualicky and it’s not a matter of taste. Qualicky is universal! Forget your tongue-in-cheek jokes, it’s serious stuff. Lick any service and you’ll see if it’s a qualicky one or not. We love how it’s done in Uber, making you appreciate equally when sunny or when it’s raining cats and dogs.”
Ülemiste keskus
Chief Happiness Officer
“I work for the centre of happiness. Humans are great clients. All they need is a blue or white collar that fits them well, a free barking spot, a coffee and a beagle. It’s all there is to that. Happiness is simple, sometimes people are blind to that and I’m their guide dog to happiness.”
Founder / Chewf People Officer
“I can smell a great talent from afar, it’s not that snifficult, at least not for me. My lovely team of youngsters created our app based on me. Just pupload your information and the app will sniff out your best job opportunities! Dogital technology is amazing, I must tell you that.”
“If you start me up, start me up… You know that song by The Rolling Bones? Well, this song is basically my mantra. Those old dogs can still do the trick. And I’ve liked starting things up since I was a pup. Teamweek is of course my favourite one, I enjoy it every single day.”
Show-Office Manager
“Start-ups are the second coming of glam, it’s show and business combined and at its finest. It’s all I want to see in my office. No boohoodles, everyone’s puppy and bright. However, it’s serious business as well. We’re working with time and mine goes seven times faster. Just check my Doggl!”
Hundred 5
Special Agent aka Double Paw Seven
“I’m good at snooping out suspicious stuff – I’m the real snoop dogg. Last week I called one of our top dogs and told him that you’ve got a tail, lose it! It actually wasn’t a tail and now he’s not returning my calls. I’m not going to return his balls either until he apologises. It’s alright we’re still good buddies!”
Fera & Mio
Puppiness Couriers
“Some people think money brings puppiness. Well, we think it’s not everything. We’re dedicated to transferring puppiness into people’s hearts. Puppiness is your most important basset! However, if you’re on the border of collien’ us, don’t be hasty, breed and relax, it’s already in you!”
Outhound Marketer
“From Dogville to Barkcelona. The whole world is your playground! Jobbatical gets you a job anywhere you want to. I’ve been dreaming about Hamsterdam myself. Moscow is definitely for someone different, though, but in the end it is about the people surrounding you and I love mine!”
Back-end Developer
“All dawgs I know love to work at offices where back-end developments aren’t seen as something messy and just a load of crap that makes life more difficult. It’s a creation as any other. Trinidad is perfect, leaves me my freedom. C’mon, dawgs, come here and do what you have to do!”
Hunding Analyst
“Success is about doing the right things. For example, I’m collar blind, so I won’t get into paint business, right? I mean take a paws and think about it. What’s your nap limit on certain expenses? Stick to it and make the right choice. I know stuff, I’ve been barking at Pipedrive for years now!”
Founder / Chewf of Happiness
“I really don’t know all the roles of our 99 people. I myself am the lift. I just lift people up all day. I’m a founder too. Last week I found a pipe, a drive, probably missing from a computer, a spray, a printer and ad cash to that list as well. All that from a garage! Also, met a dog named Frank. Love my job!”

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